Boussay is a commune of Indre-et-Loire , it belongs to the canton of Preuilly-sur-Claise and is part of the community of communes of Southern Touraine . This village is located in the heart of farmland and forests and consists, besides the main village itself, various hamlets.

It is located a few kilometers west of Preuilly-sur-Claise .

The municipality covers 27 km ² ( 78 ° municipality of the department for the area, 4498 ° at national level) or 2754 hectares. It has significant forest areas (a third of the territory is 1107 hectares of wood), mainly the Boussay park and the wood of Vaux .

Menou family owns the castle since 1238 it has never been ceded or sold. A family that has given many famous men.

The castle is particularly interesting because it shows all times.

There is a hamlet called “Varton” the legend turns into “War town” of the time of war 100 years when the British occupied the country.

During the Second World War , from June 1940 to November 1942, was located in Boussay “Not Occupied Zone”, that is to say south of the demarcation line . In August 1944, a column SS , belonging to the ” Elster column ” was bombed by the British Air Force (Royal Air Force) while retreating on the road to La Roche-Posay in Yzeures-sur-Creuse and was harassed by resistant . Retaliation took place: burned farms, shot men.